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Due to new COVID restrictions in Manitoba, Bishop Velychkovsky Martyr`s Shrine will be closed to the public until further notice. If you require any information or assistance, contact us at 204-338-7321 or email

Devotional Services to Blessed Vasyl

Live streaming Devotional services every Wednesday at 7:00 pm from the Blessed Vasyl YouTube channel.

Text for the devotional services:  Acathist       Moleben       Intercessory Prayer         Hymn to Blessed Vasyl

Pray the rosary with us before the Holy Relics of Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky. For English click here. For Ukrainian click here.

Bishop Velychkovsky Martyr`s Shrine`s staff was proud to participate in a live-steam rosary (in Ukrainian) from the Shrine chapel on Zhyve.TV (Живе.ТБ) YouTube channel from Ukraine on October 30. To watch saved live-stream video click here. Thousands of people from Ukraine and all over the world were constantly praying online with us. So far, we have over 55.000 views on YouTube and Facebook. 

Please, continue to pray for the intercession of Blessed Vasyl that this virus will end soon. Our prayers are with you and your families for health and safety.
Short video on Blessed Vasyl`s life.

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