Ukraine Ministry

The Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky ministry in Ukraine began in 2005. The apartment in Lviv where Blessed Vasyl lived from 1955 to 1969 was restored and converted into a museum exhibiting second and third class relics belonging to our martyr. While Blessed Vasyl lived in the apartment it became the hub of the underground church (his episcopal cathedral and chancery). He would quietly celebrate Divine Liturgies, secretly ordained priests, mentored nuns, heard confessions, etc. In 2014, the ministry in Ukraine has expanded with presentations on Blessed Vasyl’s life. Throughout the years pilgrims have been inspired to come and learn more about our martyr and pray for healings and blessings through his intersession. 

Since 2014, presentations have been conducted throughout Ukraine and parts of Europe by Oleh and Tania Chekharivsky. They promote Blessed Vasyl by visiting parishes, schools, hospitals, prisons and other organizations. Through the knowledge of Blessed Vasyl, many have come to the museum/apartment to pray before the holy relics of Blessed Vasyl.



January 4, Kopychyntsi hospital, presentation for doctors, Ternopil region

January 6, Kopychyntsi Correctional Center, Ternopil region

January 13, Church of Perpetual Help, relics for the church, Slavutych, Chernihiv region

February 17, Presentation of Mary to the temple, Koropatnyky, Berezhany district, Ternopil region

February 24,  Sts. Peter and Paul church, Buchach, Ternopil region

March 10, Nativity of Virgin Mary church, Rohatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region

March 31, Way of the Cross around the city, Kolomyya, Ivano-Frankivsk region

April 7, Holy Spirit Seminary, Lviv (Rudno)

April 14, Protection of the Mother of God church, the way of the cross, Zalishchyky, Ternopil region

May 18, St. Sophia Catechetical School of St. John the Baptist Church, Grade 2, Lviv

June 9, Sts. Peter and Paul Basilian Church, Drohobych, Lviv region

June 21, Skauts camp, Kamyanka, Stryy district, Lviv region

June 29, Military Hospital, Kharkiv

July 12, Sobor of St. John the Baptist, Lviv

July 21, Marian Center, Zahlyna, Rava Ruska district, Lviv region

July 24, Larsh Сommunity Liturgy with presentation of the relics of Bl. Vasyl, Wrozlaw (Poland)

July 28, The Mother of God from Loretto church, Lugano, Switzerland

August 3, Meeting of the Ukr. community with Bl. Velychkovsky, Lugano, Switzerland

August 28, Kolomyya Borstal № 41

September 1, Church of the new Ukrainian martyrs, Zboriv, Ternopil region

September 7, Military base of the Ukr. army, Rozdolivka, Donetsk region

September 29, Chortkiv Prison

October 3, Lviv School #18 (Grade 2)

October 27, Church of the New Ukr. martyrs, Chortkiv, Ternopil region

November 17, Ascension church, Kozliv, Koziv district, Ternopil district

November 24, St. Sophia church in Shevchenko’s park, Lviv

December 5, Lviv School №73 (grade 11)

December 29, St. Sophiya church, Rome, Italy



January 12, Pure Radio Emmanuel (Svitle Radio Emmanuil), Kyiv

January 28, St. Volodymyr and Olga Church, Kolomuya

February 4, Church of the transfer of St. Nichola’s relics, Zamulyntsi village, Kolomuya region

February 22, College of Arts and Education of Barvintskyi, Chortkiv

February 22, Presentation for medical staff in hospital, Chortkiv

March 5, Prison №50, Mykolaiv

March 22, Presentation for students in dormitory, Lviv

April 1, Sacred of Heart of Jesus Church, Lviv

April 22, Nativity of the Mother of God Church, Krasna, Nadvirna district, Ivano-Frankivsk region

May 13, St. Demetrius Church, Peremyshlyany district, Lviv region

June 24, Soroky village, St. Paraskeva Church, Buchach district, Ternopil region

July 22, Cathedral of St. Volodymyr, Paris, France

July 29, Church of St. Atanasiy, Lyon, France

August 26, St. Peter and Paul Church, Zaporizhzhya

August 28, Nativity of the Mother of God, Maryanivka village, Ternopil district, Ternopil Region

September 3, Three Saints Kyiv Theological Seminary & transmission of the relics, Knyazhychi, Kyiv region

September 16, Berezets village, Christ the Lover of Mankind, Stryy district, Lviv region

October 14, Nativity of the Mother of God, Poland, Lublin

October 21, Descent of the Holy Spirit church, Lviv

October 28, St. Аnne Roman-Catholic Church, Jesuits, Chmelnytskyy

November 4, Radio Lvivska chvylya. Spiritual journey

November 10, Clinical hospital (Kulparkivska St.) for children from problematic families, Lviv

November 25, Yamna (Retreat center of Redemptorists (for Mothers in Prayer)

December 2, St. Michael Archangel Church (catechism for adults), Lviv

December 16, Protection of the Mother of God Church, Pidhirne, Pustomyty district, Lviv region


February 9, Geriatric Home, Lviv

March 3, Ukrainian Youth for Christ, Lviv

March 6, Caritas, UGCC, Lviv

March 12, Popeliany

March 18, Radio Resurrection Recording, Kyiv

April 2, Ecumenical Chapel of all the Saints of Ukrainian people and victims of Sknulivska tragedy, Lviv

April 5, Suzirya Orione, special needs community

April 8, Nativity of BVM. Sheptytskyi School, Lviv

April 10, Sacred Heart of Mary Family Home, Orphanage for Boys, Lviv

May 16, Educational Rehabilitation Center Trust, Lviv

May 17, Spiritual Evening at Ivano-Frankivsk Seminary

June 21, Recording for Lviv Radio

June 24, Lviv Prison #30, presentation for prisoners

July 2, Nativity of the Mother of God Church, Village Verblyani, Yavorivskij Region, Lviv

July 16, Military Base in Yavorivski, City of Hvardiyske

August 2, Rehabilitation Centre, City of Stebnik, Drohobutzkij Region, Lviv

August 23, L`arche special needs community, Krakow, Poland

September 3, OSBM Monastery, Intercession of the Mother of God Chapel, Yavoriv, Lviv

September 10, Mother of God Church, Zarvanytsia, Terebovlya

September 22, Center for youth. Father Selezian preached to the youth, Lviv

October 1, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Truskavets, Drohobych region, Lviv

October 14, Celebration of Bl. Vasyl at Resurrection of Jesus Patriarch Cathedral in Kyiv

October 22, Dorminion of the Mother of God Church, Ternopil

November 13, Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law

November 19, Military chapel of the presentation of God (for Afganistan veterans). Transfer of relics, Lviv

December 24, Church of the protection of the Mother of God, Ulychne village, Drohobych region, Lviv



September 3, Lviv Prison #30

September 4, The Church of the Blessed Mother, Zatoka, Yavoriv

September 11, Blessed Martyr Josaphat, Tukholka

September 11, Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Tarnavka

September 25, The Protection of the Mother of God, Shuparka

September 28, Novyi Rozdil (Special needs center), Tavor Organization

October 2, St. Nicholas Church, Busk

October 2, St. Yurij Church, Busk

October 2, The Transfiguration Church, Khitar

October 23, Nativity of the Mother of God, Lavochne

October 30, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Perehinsk

November 13, The Holy Trinity Church, Kamianets Podilskyi

November 20, Transfer of Bl. Vasyl relics at St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

December 11, Josef Slipyj School, Catechism Classes

December 24, Nativity of the Mother of God Church, Starychi



On October 19, 2007, the museum was solemnly blessed and officially opened to the public. Here, tours are conducted with a short video on the life of Blessed Vasyl and descriptions of the artifacts. Divine Liturgies and Moleben services have also been celebrated in the museum. This museum/apartment is a place of pilgrimage and prayer for the people of Ukraine and pilgrims from abroad.



February 22, Moleben for healing in the apartment/museum of Blessed Vasyl 

March 29, Healing prayer in the apartment/museum of Blessed Vasyl 

May 31, Healing prayer in the apartment/museum of Blessed Vasyl 

September 27, Moleben with healing prayers in the apartment/museum of Blessed Vasyl 

October 25, Moleben in the apartment/museum of Blessed Vasyl 

November 15, Prayer for the Picho family in the apartment/museum of Blessed Vasyl 


June 25, Prayer and retreat week in the apartment/museum of Bl. V. Velychkovsky

July 10, Divine Liturgy in the apartment/museum of Blessed V. Velychkovsky

September 28, Healing prayers in the apartment/museum of Blessed V. Velychkovsky

October 26, Prayers of healing in the apartment/museum of Bl. V. Velychkovsky

November 30, Moleben with the healing prayers in the apartment/museum of Blessed V. Velychkovsky

December 28, Moleben with the healing prayers in the apartment/museum of Blessed V. Velychkovsky



October 10, Museum Anniversary: Day of Open Doors



November 30, Prayer evening at museum-apartment of Bl.Vasyl in Lviv




Fr. John Sianchuk C.Ss.R. Director of the Bishop Velychkovsky National Martyr’s Shrine and Mary Jane Kalenchuk, Shrine Administrator from Winnipeg, Canada have been traveling to Ukraine since 2004 doing research work on the life of Blessed Vasyl. Along with the research, they began re-constructing the museum/apartment and promoting devotion to Blessed Vasyl. Since 2008, they have conducted Blessed Vasyl pilgrimages to Ukraine.