Feastday Celebrations on June 27, 2020

On June 27, 2020 our annual Blessed Vasyl Feasday celebrations were organized virtually. COVID-19 virus posed a lot of challenges. Therefore, following the rules of physical distancing, we were able to stream the services online from the Blessed Vasyl YouTube channel. The celebrations began at 9:00 am with the Divine Liturgy followed by a testimony by Cheryl Haughton, and then the Moleben and Intercessory prayer were said in the Shrine. The evening part of the Feastday took place in St. Joseph`s Ukrainian Catholic church. At 7:00 pm the Acathist honouring Blessed Vasyl was sung followed by a testimony regarding a miracle that occurred in Lviv to an orphan by the name of Andriy. An uplifting Living Rosary was prayed in different languages. The evening concluded with Father John Sianchuk, C.Ss.R., saying the Intercessory prayer and with the holy relics of Blessed Vasyl blessing everyone who was present and those watching online.

For those, who missed the celebrations, we encourage you to watch the Feastday live-stream videos on our Blessed Vasyl YouTube channel.